Our Mission:

To join forces with successful business owners to hold each other accountable, provide support and resources to accomplish our personal and professional goals. 
No more struggling to find people to network with -- we do the work for you! 

As a member, you will have access to resources, discount on all products and services(members and their families), coaching, business networking, events, scholarships, monthly mastermind call to strengthen your business, a close business networking family and more. 

I Can’t Let Anything Control My Mind, Mood or Money.


  1. Toy  Addington
    Toy Addington
  2. Arnersha Bobo
    Arnersha Bobo
    Head Accountant
  3. Tammi Polk
    Tammi Polk

Our Network of Distinguished Professionals

Join our team today for only $100.00 annual membership fee and $59.99 monthly paid quarterly.

-Weekly Accountability Calls
-Mixers every 6 weeks
-Discounts on All products and services (Concerts, Workshops, Hair, Coaching Tools etc.)
-Monthly Newsletter to strengthen your business.
-Exclusive Podcast/Lives 
- Access to a Network of PROVEN professionals
-Discounts on Advertisement for your business ​
-Revenue Share $25 per person you bring into the network  
- Fun Day Events for grown folks and kids
-Scholarship for 2 kids at the end of each year
- Motivational Videos and more. 

We are a network that is close, well connected, professional, dependable and have each other's backs. We help each other grow in our businesses and in our professional lives. We are a winning team who will stop at nothing until everyone wins. No more looking for dependable business connects. We are the connect!!!  We are recruiting distinguished individuals from all over the US into our network and rapidly growing!

Join the team today to gain access to the people and resources you need to be successful in your business.  
Say it with me... “I Can’t Let Anything Control My Mind, Mood or Money.”
Toy Addington C.E.O. Of I Can’t Coaching 


2 Easy Steps to Become a Member 
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To become a member, you MUST be a licensed business professional, be referred by someone already in the Millionaire Minds Network, and be willing to take your mind and business to the highest level. We ALL grow together and support each other. We take the “Work” out of Networking for you.

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