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Mrs Budget Boss 

Mrs. Budget Boss Organization (Nonprofit 501C3) wants to help equip the children with the right tools they need via coaching and the Money Don’t Grow On Trees class to prevent them from making financial pitfalls and prepare them for a successful future to keep them from being stressed, moving back home with their parents, and overwhelmed during their transition into adulthood. I will also keep track of the students’ progress at least twice a year and for those who successfully complete the program will have an opportunity to teach the class and make extra income. We need a location, supplies and equipment. This will also cut down on crime AND KEEP THEM OUT OF THE PARENTS POCKETS AND OFF OF THEIR NERVES IN THE LONG RUN!


Do you have a teenager who doesn't RESPECT, UNDERSTAND, or VALUE money (YOUR MONEY) and thinks that MONEY grow on trees? Do you want to ensure that they are financially prepared and well educated about money to keep them from getting in debt or spending recklessly?  We have a class specifically to teach kids/ young adults to prevent financial struggles, the importance of multiple streams of income, entrepreneurship, life skills and to embrace their own uniqueness. 


Do you hate the feeling of running the "rat race" getting paid on Friday and broke several days before the next payday? Are you sick of not having enough money to pay your bills and no emergency funds? Do you want to purchase a home, start a family or buy a vehicle but not sure where to start?

Mrs. Budget Boss has gained the experience and respect for many years and counting in helping people just like you. We strive to provide you with tough coaching and the best experience for the success of your future. You will be successful and we will hold YOU accountable. It's time to let the money stress go and to reach the ultimate goal of HAPPINESS! Let me help!!! We offer classes and one on one for your convenience. WE HELP ADULTS TOO. 

*Worry Less About Money
*Embrace YOUR own uniqueness
*Increase YOUR savings
*Increase YOUR income
*Prepare YOUR kids for the "Real World" (Education)

*Start YOUR own business
*Smoothly transition over into adulthood


My Mission is to rid the poverty and the debt cycle through teaching, supporting and coaching via our Mrs Budget Boss Organization program.  If it doesn't make Dollars then it doesn't make sense!​

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